Faces of Death (1978)

John Alan Schwartz

A collection of death scenes, ranging from TV material to homemade super 8 movies.

  • Gorghl
  • 1 month ago

when I saw this I realised it is actually so much more, it is a documentary trying to get to the root and the understanding of death and society and such things.. it was really in a way enlightening... I never thought I would enjoybit like I did, it really made me see new sides of my own mortality and see the world more clearly and more truthfully, becuse we cant hide from death forever, it is part of life so why be ignorant to it.

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  • Gorghl
  • 1 month ago

The other day was the first time I heard about mondo style documentaries, before I watched it I thought it would be just a gore fest, so when I started watching faces of death I did it because horror no longer even bothers or touches me in any way. (Today most just rely on jump scares anyways) however

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  • gene_kauer
  • 4 months ago

the unreachable and ultrarare italian version has different editing cured by Mario Morra and scenes and different music (by Daniele Patucchi). years ago I saw a 110' and I thought it was the uncut one. I didn't know the full lenght as of 146'!! :O

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  • LISAMY75
  • 6 months ago

Bonjour ! Merci pour ce partage ! Existe t'il un lien de téléchargement ? Merci !

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  • Anonymous
  • 8 months ago

Bom documentário, como é o primeiro da franquia não dá pra opinar muito bem sobre o quanto é bom ou ruim

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  • Anonymous
  • 9 months ago

Do you guys have a Download link to download the movies?

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  • Zhur
  • 11 months ago

مين جاي من الانستا

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