Autopsy 7: Dead Men Talking (2001)

Michael Baden

The seventh installment of HBO's popular series examining five cases in which forensic science has helped detectives track down criminals that might have otherwise gone unpunished. The first story in this episode "Maggots for the Defense" shows how an infestation of unborn flies around a woman's bloody torso proved to police that they had put the wrong man in prison. "Criss/Cross" examines the case of two women who were apparently murdered by one man but eyewitness testimony proved that there was more to it. "The Good Doctor" tells the story of Dr. John Sneeburger and the grotesque methods that he went to to cover up evidence that he was a rapist. "The Sue Snow Case" recalls the case of a woman named Sue Snow and the investigation into why two cold capsule claimed her life. "Til Death Do Us Part" reexamines the case of Chang and Eng, the world's first known conjoined twins and how they could have been separated.