Documentary maker Jon Alpert follows three petty criminals in Newark. Filmed by a hidden camera, the three are stealing, using drugs, getting caught and convicted.
Depicts the daily life of gangs within the context of the South Bronx. Deals primarily with two African American and Puerto Rican gangs known as the "Savage Skulls" and the "Savage Nomads".
Max Bornstein is a heroin addict working within the illegal underground porn industry in 1960s New York. Max has it all: looks, wit, and a beautiful family. As his addiction spirals out of control, Max's family is kept in the dark about his reality.
A merciless children's gang run wild, robbing and killing people without a care. When a bank heist goes wrong, the gang's boss is sentenced to jail. Two decades later, he's released on parole, and reunites with the surviving gang members. But, the...