New Death File (1991)

First installment of V&R's "New Death File" series.

New Death File: III (1993)

Third film from V&R's "New Death File" series.

Snuff Video: Volume Red (1997)

Hosted by a leather masked individual with a distorted voice named z.187 this shockumentary takes a look at real life death and violence caught on film.

True Gore (1987)

Combines the usual death footage found in most shockumentaries with video art from Survival Research Laboratories and Monte Cazazza and more.

Empire of Madness (1989)

Second installment of the "True Gore" series.

Crack Headz Gone Wild: New York (2006)

Travel all five boroughs in order to seek out the most entertaining crackheads in all of New York in this release showcasing the unique and drug-addled talents of such colorfully-named, rock-smoking Gotham denizens as Faye Doneaway, Mary J. High, L.L. Crack Head, Red the Rapper, and Black da Crac...

Orozco the Embalmer (2001)

A Documentary about the grim work of an embalmer in one of the poorest and most dangerous parts in Colombia.

Terror Rising: Know Your Enemy

TERRORISM is no longer an issue we can afford to ignore! September 11th was a wakeup call to all Americans. It is each of our responsibility to KNOW OUR ENEMY. TERROR RISING provides an in-depth, in-your-face view of the world's social political organizations violent quest for power and the resul...

The Wasteland (2014)

Japanese death photographer Tsurisaki Kiyotaka is back, with his own unique vision of our planet. The Wasteland is a look into the aftermath of war, religion, and other evil facets that aid in the destruction of Earth.

Terrorists, Killers & Middle-East Wackos (2005)

ShockumentaryRyen McPherson
Smuggled video of Iraqi executions, firing squads, amputations, suicide bombings, gangland slayings, knife fights, animal maulings, hostage killings, and terror attacks. Witness first hand the scary truth about the world in which we live.
#suicide #animal attack #hunting #kangaroo #iraq #real deaths #2000s #indecline

Junk Films (2008)

ShockumentaryKiyotaka Tsurisaki
A collection of short documentaries pondering about the meaning of life and death by the use of shocking images.
#real deaths #orozco productions #2000s

Death in Focus (1989)

Death in FocusShockumentaryElvis Boorman
Death in all its faces and stages. From the horrors of Buchenwald, to the devastation of Hiroshima, to the political assassinations of the second half of the 20th century, to the bloody feeding frenzy of the pythons of Burma, burned on to the screen like napalm victims of Vietnam.
#1980s #real deaths #hiroshima #war #buchenwald #burmese python #vietnam

Faces of Death II (1982)

Faces of DeathShockumentaryJohn Alan Schwartz
This movie continues in the same vein as F.O.D. 1 with short scenes of death related material. Mortuaries, accidents, police work are filmed by TV crews and home video cameras. Some of the material are most likely fake, some not as likely.
#1980s #mortuary #real deaths #death in title #dead children

Death Women: II (1994)

Death WomenShockumentary
Sequel to 'Death Women', focusing on the female anatomy.
#japan #v&r #1990s

Death Scenes (1989)

Death ScenesShockumentary
Various pics and footage of real death.

Bumfights: Cause for Concern (2002)

BumfightsShockumentaryRyen McPherson
A video series featuring a teenage film crew recording homeless people fighting and performing in shenanigans across the Las Vegas and California metropolitan areas.
#exploitation #homeless #indecline #2000s #brutality #cruelty #degradation #dehumanization #sadism #torture

Death Scenes 2 (1992)

Death ScenesShockumentary
A nauseating mondo documentary about violent death. The bulk of the tape is consumed with the same war-atrocity footage already overused in dozens of other mondo films.

Bumfights 2: Bumlife (2003)

BumfightsShockumentaryTy Beeson
Rufus and pals are back in this shocking follow-up to Bumfights: Cause For Concern (2002). Despite four arrests and felony charges, the producers continue on their quest to make stars of Bling-Bling and Rufus. You’ll see bums fighting bums, chick fights, bum stunts, sick pranks, crackheads, stree...
#exploitation #homeless #indecline #2000s #brutality #cruelty #degradation #dehumanization #sadism #torture

Death Scenes 3 (1993)

Death ScenesShockumentary
Classic police file photos from the golden age of Los Angeles and Hollywood

Bumfights 3: The Felony Footage (2004)

BumfightsShockumentaryTy Beeson
In September 2002, the Bumfights Krew were arrested on seven felony charges for paying homeless people to fight. Finally, thanks to some good lawyers, here is the footage that was seized from the arrests.
#exploitation #homeless #indecline #2000s #brutality #cruelty #degradation #dehumanization #sadism #torture

Bumfights 4: Return of Ruckus (2006)

BumfightsShockumentaryTy Beeson
Exploding with insane Fights, Hilarious Pranks, Crazy Crackheads, Gorgeous Girls, and some of the Most Shocking Stunts ever by The World's Best Homegrown Stunt Teams, Vol 4 is simply the rawest, most hardcore Ruckus video ever produced.
#exploitation #homeless #indecline #2000s #brutality #cruelty #degradation #dehumanization #sadism #torture