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Death Women: II (1994)

Death WomenShockumentary
Sequel to 'Death Women', focusing on the female anatomy.
#japan #v&r #1990s

Faces of Death II (1982)

Faces of DeathShockumentaryJohn Alan Schwartz
This movie continues in the same vein as F.O.D. 1 with short scenes of death related material. Mortuaries, accidents, police work are filmed by TV crews and home video cameras. Some of the material are most likely fake, some not as likely.
#1980s #mortuary #real deaths #death in title #dead children

All Eyes on Sharon Tate (1966)

DocumentarySharon Tate
Promotional short film on an aspiring young actress Sharon Tate and her first film Eye of the Devil (1966). She takes acting classes and elocution lessons and is clearly on the fast-track to become a star. She is shown both at work and at play, dancing with actor 'David Hemmings' and frolicking w...
#1960s #actress #promotional #narration

Naked and Violent (1970)

MondoSergio Martino
American problem expose concentrating on sex and violence.
#1970s #italy

Death in Focus: Part 2 (1990)

Death in FocusMondoRomolo Marcellini
This is actually "Taboos of the World" in its entirety.
#1990s #fake

Death in Focus (1989)

Death in FocusShockumentaryElvis Boorman
Death in all its faces and stages. From the horrors of Buchenwald, to the devastation of Hiroshima, to the political assassinations of the second half of the 20th century, to the bloody feeding frenzy of the pythons of Burma, burned on to the screen like napalm victims of Vietnam.
#1980s #real deaths #hiroshima #war #buchenwald #burmese python #vietnam

Primitive London (1965)

MondoArnold L. Miller
Exploitation film documentary on 'Swinging London' as it actually happened. Arnold Louis Miller, the director of 'Nudist Memories', interviews mods, rockers and beatniks. Wife Swapping, an overworked stripper, child birth, the killing of chickens and an interview with Billy J. Kramer also feature...
#real birth scene #female nudity #nudity #independent film #1960s

Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010)

ActionJoseph Guzman
Mentally abused, enslaved, and coerced into prostitution, a left-for-dead merciless Sister will take on a mission straight from God: whacking sinners in a strictly personal, no-prisoners, vigilante Holy War.
#softcore #nunsploitation #exploitation #sexploitation film #rape of a nun #full frontal female nudity #female full frontal nudity

Eve and the Handyman (1961)

ComedyRuss Meyer
Eve is dressed in a long raincoat and follows the handyman around as he makes his appointed rounds. She watches as he has humorous run-ins while cleaning toilets, taking scrap metal to the dump, cleaning windows, delivering a tree, climbing poles, and remaining a gentleman while trying to help a ...
#nudie cutie #1960s #exploitation #sexploitation film #female narrator #busty

China's Stolen Children (2007)

DispatchesDocumentaryJezza Neumann
Beautiful, haunting, deeply tragic, but impossible to ignore, this film takes us into the heart of modern China. A place where girl babies are being sold for 3,000-4,000 RMB (£200-270); detectives specialise in finding kidnapped children; and child traffickers are so relaxed about the trade they ...
#repressive regime #channel 4 #china #kidnapping #undercover #uk #2000s

Forbidden World (1986)

MondoChantal Lasbats
Female directed French mondo film featuring (among other things) a black magic sex ceremony, a frog geeking ritual, a German toilet sex slave dungeon and some rope bondage in Amsterdam's red light district.
#f rated #1980s #actual animal killed #africa #female director #women make films #france #black magic #bdsm #red light district

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